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Article - About Ergonomics


Adaptability and efficiency of equipment and devices used in working environment to eliminate discomfort and fatigue and to maximize safety and productivity.

When it comes to ergonomics, there is a science behind designing equipment, furniture, architecture, interior architecture, and tools. Human factor are taken under consideration to maximize the effectiveness of a designed piece for preventing injuries and providing comfort and enjoyment.

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Disability Prevention

In order to eliminate potential for a long-term disability, this should be a common practice for using the computer to make sure your legs and forearms are horizontally level and not hanging or going upward, your back is straight and your neck or head is not going forward. Your monitor and TV must be at proper distance and height in relation to your eyes position and the size of the monitor or TV.

Correct Posture While Using the Computer

In order to eliminate repetitive strain injuries while using the computer:

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Your Upper Arm and Shoulder Care

Your upper arm and shoulder should not be elevated or stretched forward when you are using the mouse or keyboard.

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