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Articles - Hand Therapy

What is Hand Theapy?

"Hand therapy is the art and science of evaluating and treating injuries and conditions of the upper extremity (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand). It uses a number of therapeutic interventions to help return a person to their highest level of function."

  • Acute and chronic pain conditions, related to RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome)- Shoulder-Hand Syndrome
  • Acute and chronic pain conditions, related to CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)
  • Arthritis and neurological problems
  • Fractures
  • Repetitive stress injuries, resulted in tendinosis and tendinitis
  • Nerve compression syndromes or neuropathies, due to poor posture, or poor ergonomics
  • Post surgical tendons, nerves, and ligaments repair
  • Soft tissue lacerations and trauma
  • Soft tissue and joint mobilization
  • Sport injuries resulted in tendinitis and tendinosis

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