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Ergonomics and Correct Posture

Interview with the IPT director, Farid Zia, PT. DPT.

Mr. Farid Zia talks about ergonomics in an interview conducted by the Imperial Valley Press.

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Farid Zia Doctor of Physical Therapy says "It's really important for everyone to have correct posture. I see a lot of people slouch when they're at the computer."

Correct Posture

Mr. Zia added "Correct posture is vital to avoid workplace injury. Unnatural positions and movements, like cradling a phone receiver between the ear and the shoulder and slouching can cause pain and injury to joints and muscles over the years. Posture, or in another word, the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting is the major cause of muscular skeletal injuries."

Organized Workplace

Mr. Zia stated "A clean (organized) workplace is essential and keeps people from stretching to reach everyday objects as well."
He added "One of the major things people can do is to get rid of clutter on their desk. They also have to put the objects that they use offten within close reach."

Common Sense

Mr. Zia stated "Common sense is necessary. People shouldn't strain while typing, holding phones or lifting heavy objects." He said "Expensive furniture does not necessarily translate to an ergonomic fit." Just because it's an expensive chair, doesn't mean it's a good chair. They have to try the chair before they buy."

Reference: Imperial Valley Press - Sunday October 17, 2010 - Health - B9

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